Jesuit Reflects on Impact of Globalization in Africa


The Center of Concern hosted Jesuit Father Peter Henriot at the Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C. last week, where he reflected on the convergence in global crises and the transformation necessary for the world to recover and flourish.

“One of the important signs of the times is the cultural crisis experienced in so many different forms across the globe,” commented Fr. Henriot. “Culture is of course a major contributor to identity and uniqueness, community and solidarity, empowerment and future-building. When culture is endangered at its richest roots, then all of society suffers.”

With deep roots in the U.S. faith-based social justice movement and the experience garnered over another 20 years in Zambia, Fr. Henriot spoke about what is being called for in spirit, in truth and in action for response to the global crises as they affect vulnerable peoples everywhere.

While only in the U.S. for a brief time, Fr. Henriot took full advantage of the opportunity to spread his message of peace and justice in Africa and elsewhere. In addition to his talk at the WTU, Fr. Henriot spoke at Creighton Univeristy on “Why is Africa important for the U.S. at this time?” and at the Africa Faith and Justice Network’s annual meeting, presenting the keynote address: “Africa and Justice: Justice IN and FOR Africa.”

For full video on Fr. Henriot’s talk at Creighton, please click here.

For text of Fr. Henriot’s keynote address at the AFJN’s annual meeting, please click here.

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