Maryland Province Jesuits Blogging for Chile Earthquake Relief

The Maryland Province Jesuits, who have a longstanding relationship with the Chilean Jesuits, have established a Chile Relief Fund to collect donations on behalf of the victims of the devastating earthquake which struck Chile on February 27. In addition, they have created a blog,, to provide updates and photos of relief efforts to help victims of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

Their blog includes a recent update from Jesuit Father Eugenio Valenzuela, Jesuit provincial of Chile:

Listening everyday to the news about how the earthquake and the tsunami have affected and damaged our country, we are more aware that we have to face a hard and long reconstruction in our country.

We are launching campaigns in order to collect food, water, diapers, mattresses, blankets, tents, etc. Some are also aimed at recruiting volunteers. All these donations are going to be sent to the most affected areas of our country.

All the members of the Jesuit communities in Santiago are supporting in many ways the different initiatives by: volunteering, repairing houses, hosting victims of the earthquake, etc.

Since the catastrophe happened we got all hands on deck and have launched a national campaign “!CHILE SE LA PUEDE!” which means “Chile you can do it.” Through this campaign we encourage people to make their donations (money, non-perishable food, blankets, coal, diapers, etc.). It is a successful campaign so far and we have had a great response from the Chilean population as well as from many volunteers who are joining us from different parts of our country. This shows the strong commitment and solidarity that many people have with other Chileans who are suffering.

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