Jesuit Father is a Purple Hearted Priest

From being bombed in Afghanistan to helping launch Nintendo’s Game Boy, Jesuit Father Jack McLain now finds himself where he wants to be, at St. Ignatius College in Australia.

The U.S.-born priest is the college’s new rector, having once been an Army chaplain, which included stints in Afghanistan, Kosovo and West Africa.

In Afghanistan, his army vehicle was bombed, which has left Fr. McLain, 46, with almost no hearing in his left ear and permanent ringing in both.

He was awarded a Purple Heart, a military award for those wounded or killed while serving in the armed forces.

Three years ago, Fr. McLain came to Australia and worked as a teacher and chaplain at St. Aloysius College in Sydney.

“If you want to change the world, you influence young people … you provide the blueprint, they’re the actual builders,” he said.

You can read more about Fr. McLain’s experiences, including a stint with Nintendo, here.

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